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  Starting a family is difficult and always brings stress to any relationship. At Family Therapy Associates we provide infertility and adoption support to those in need. We have a tremendous understanding of, compassion, and support for our clients who are navigating the difficult journeys of:

- Infertility
- Pregnancy Loss & Miscarriage
- Third Party Reproduction
- Secondary Infertility
- Adoption
- Transracial Parenting
- Parenting Complex Modern Families

 If you are facing challenges trying to create or expand your family, and feeling isolated by your struggle, consumed by the quest, and filled with despair, you are not alone. Help is available, and it is crucial that you find the support of someone who understands what you are going through. Infertility can be incredibly painful. Often close, well-meaning but ill-informed, friends may not know what to say, or will say the wrong things unintentionally. Many times the sheer process of trying to bring a child into your life (navigating doctors, clinics, fertility treatments, adoption options, waiting periods), can wreak havoc on your primary relationships, lead to trouble concentrating at work, and leave you feeling disconnected from your peers. At Family Therapy Associates, we help both individuals and couples navigate these complex issues with compassion and understanding. 

  In addition, for our families formed by adoption, we are here to help you navigate some of the challenges unique to adoptive families including, but not limited to, pre- and post-adoption issues, adjusting, attaching and settling in as a new family, honoring birth parents, navigating school and other transitions, exploring search and reunion, and Transracial parenting.