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Zoe Tarrant, LMFT

  Zoe is a compassionate and tireless advocate on behalf of her clients. Zoe’s strength is helping her clients identify their issues and draw upon their inner strengths to find their own solutions. Zoe is passionate about helping blended families and others go through family restructuring. Zoe has worked tirelessly to cultivate a solid primary background in individual and family therapy but also has experience in infertility support and adoption support.

  As a family-systems-trained therapist, Zoe always seeks to motivate her client to find their inner self. As She always say, “it is never too late to be what you might have been.” Zoe believes it is possible to change our life if we realize our relationships are not set in stone, and that implementing small steps toward change is both do-able and rewarding. In the end, Isn't that what life is all about?

  Zoe’s therapeutic practice is based upon, a steadfast belief that problems and worry held in isolation grow like weeds, whereas voicing them aloud in a safe place and working together with a compassionate and skilled therapist will prune the garden and let the flowers grow. Sometimes just naming and reframing an issue in one session can change so much. While it’s common to wait before coming in, one doesn’t have to wait until problems mount! Therapy can be a boost of support to get through increasingly complex and hurried lives. Zoe feels that isolation compounds worry and that presenting an image of perfection both online and in the community can take its toll on individuals and families alike. Connectedness is the antidote and can lift you up.

  Zoe is currently working with individual adults, children, seniors, and families on issues including: life transitions, feelings of isolation, school stress, stuck relationship patterns, family dynamics, parenting, career re-entry, caregiver support needs, aging in place, and grief and loss. She has specialized experience in pregnancy loss postpartum depression, infertility, and adoption. Zoe completed her undergraduate degree at Stanford University and earned her MA in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University.

  When not supporting clients at Family Therapy Associates, Zoe can be found reading, walking her two dogs, suffering through local 5ks, and teaching herself piano off of YouTube. Her two pet peeves are uncomfortable shoes and over-zealous horn honkers.

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