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By an accomplished team of Child and Couples Therapist, Marriage and Family Counselors!

Girl with anxiety and depression going individual therapy with a LMFT

Individual Therapy is a collaborative process with You!, and one of our Therapists'. We are focused on improving your mental and emotional well-being. Many times, therapy can be a positive catalyst for change promoting personal growth and improving the quality of your life for all concerned. 

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Child Therapy or Counseling is supportive for children 3 to 12 years old experiencing difficulties regulating their emotions or behavior. With the help, of our trained therapist, your children will receive emotional support, to resolve their conflicts with family and friends. This will help them to learn to accept and understand their feelings while solving their problems. They will develop new strategies for creating greater self-esteem and problem-solving skills.

Family in Family Therapy over coming sibling rivary and adoption

Family Therapy or Family Counseling embraces the well-being of the whole family. No one is left out. Parents, grandparents, children, friends and even people we work with are part of our family. Family therapy gives everyone an opportunity to be heard. It provides a safe environment for learning and expressing healthy emotions, self-respect, and respect for others, self-control and teaches skills in mindfulness. Our Therapists’ primary goal is to create a safe space to teach the family and its members to reconnect as a family system.

Family Therapy

Couple with infidelity going to a couples therapist for marriage counseling

Couples therapy can encourage two people to be more accepting of each other while at the same time working to change some of their assumptions and automatic behaviors. Safe and connected relationships are built on secure attachments. Where participants are engaged and emotionally responsive. Our associates will create a safe and honest environment to work through any issue and emotional challenges that arise. We offer couples emotional support every step of the way.

Couples Therapy

boys and young men working with a counselor to overcome depression and anxiety

If your son is struggling with something and finds it difficult to express, there could be a number of common factors coming into play. We're here to help.

Couple arguing over a divorce with a marriage counselor and divorce therapist LMFT

We believe in using a

We have created Relationship Focused Divorce™.  It is a revolutionary approach to the divorce process developed by Dr. Heather Ehinger. It is a progressive and innovative way for parents, families and friends to emotionally survive the divorce process. Through this process, our associates are able to offer functional divorce therapy and counseling for high-conflict couples in particular.


Divorce Therapy

divorced parents working through conflict to co-parent their children

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs you will ever love. Whether you're an expectant parent, have toddlers, or a seasoned parent of an adolescent or young adult, we have the training and knowledge to support you through many of the emotional struggles you encounter throughout your journey. Our associates will provide you with complete co-parenting support and therapy allowing you to begin establishing a strong relationship with your child or children.