Co-Parenting Support

parenting support

Parenting, is no question, one of the hardest jobs you will ever love. Whether you're an expecting parent, parent of a toddler, or seasoned parent of an adolescent/young adult we have the training and knowledge to support you through many of the emotional struggles you encounter throughout your journey. Our associates will provide you with complete co-parenting support or therapy allowing you to begin establishing a strong relationship with your child or children.

Research shows that outside parental support can strengthen the bond with your child, and foster the child's socio-emotional and cognitive development. Our clinicians are not attached to any one parenting philosophy, and will approach counseling from a holistic perspective. This offers you individualized attention and honors your personal family's values, needs and goals. Together with you, we hope to build a healthier family lifestyle that is less emotionally reactive and conflictual with one another.

Clinicians Available for Parenting Support

Zoe Tarrant

Individual & Family Therapist

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Andrew Fabian, MA

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Christie Roche, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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