Divorce Therapy and Counseling

At Family Therapy Associates we believe in using a relational approach to divorce. Relationship Focused Divorce™ is a process developed by Dr. Heather MacLetchie Ehinger. It is a progressive and innovative way for parents, families and friends to emotionally survive the divorce process. Through this process, our associates are able to offer functional divorce therapy and counseling for high-conflict couples in particular.

When you think about divorce, in today’s society, an attorney is the first person one or both spouses seek out for guidance. Since divorce became a viable socially acceptable option for adults to deal with marital discord, engaging a divorce lawyer seems perfectly normal for most people. Unfortunately, divorce can become a legal decoupling of two people; divorce through the court system does not address the psychological and emotional dissolution of a family system. In fact, we believe divorce is a new reimagining of an old relationship which will last the balance of their lifetime and the lifetime of their families, children and friends.

divorce support and counseling
divorce support

Clinicians Available for Divorce Support

Dr. Heather Macletchie Ehinger

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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Andrew Fabian

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Zoe Tarrant

Individual & Family Therapist

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